Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mission and History of the Tailwaggers Foundation

From its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, The Tailwaggers Foundation works to provide lifesaving veterinary care for animals in need. The nonprofit group offers financial support to qualified animal rescue organizations, which often spend as much as 50 percent of their funding on medical treatment. With The foundation’s assistance, these groups can focus their efforts on finding loving, permanent homes for the animals in their care.

Both the name and mission of The Tailwaggers Foundation honor The Tailwaggers Club, a British charity founded in 1928. Serving as both a pet registry and an animal welfare advocate, the organization grew to serve nearly one million canine members by the end of its first year. Actress Bette Davis helped to bring The Tailwaggers Club into the American public eye through her work as president of its Southern California branch. From 1929 on, she raised awareness for animal welfare, hosting fundraising events that garnered the support of such prominent figures as Walt Disney and Howard Hughes. Her efforts even led to press coverage from publications including LIFE magazine.

The charity remained active until 1960, when it was acquired by Spillers Pet Food, which created the Tailwaggers Club Trust to administer the nonprofit’s assets. Inspired by the “old Hollywood” camaraderie and unified community service of The Tailwaggers Club, The Tailwaggers Foundation continues to champion the cause of animal welfare in the 21st century.                            

Monday, July 6, 2015

2nd Annual Waggy Awards Shine a Spotlight on Animal Welfare Advocates

On the evening of Sunday, February 8, 2015, The Tailwaggers Foundation hosted its 2nd Annual Waggy Awards in Hollywood, California. The organization, which provides funding to nonprofit animal rescues to facilitate crucial veterinary care, welcomed supporters, animal lovers, and special celebrity guests to the Taglyan Complex for an elegant evening highlighting leaders in animal advocacy. The Waggy Awards not only serve as a yearly awareness and fundraising event for The Tailwaggers Foundation, but they also present an opportunity for the nonprofit to honor individuals who fight for animal welfare around the world.

The event offered attendees a chance to mingle with four-legged guests, beginning at 5 p.m. with a cocktail reception and animal rescue meet and greet. At 7 p.m., The Tailwaggers Foundation began its awards program, presenting its annual Waggy Award to California Congressman Adam B. Schiff for his tireless advocacy in the legislative sphere. Congressman Schiff has delivered impassioned statements on the House floor in favor of the ethical treatment of marine mammals, and he spearheaded an amendment to the FY15 Agriculture Appropriations bills that bolstered regulations regarding captive cetaceans. The foundation also honored Oscar-nominated actress Linda Blair, who strives to prevent animal abuse and neglect via the public education and animal rescue initiatives of the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation.

Following the hour-long awards ceremony, guests concluded the night with an after-party featuring a live DJ. During the party, The Tailwaggers Foundation announced the winners of its silent auction, which benefited the organization’s lifesaving efforts.